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Friday 27 Nov 2020

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We are so pleased to welcome you back! In line with the government guidelines, we encourage you to pre-book site admission to help us Test and Trace. 

1 reservation is equal to 1 person. 

Please also remember our 6 promises to you:

1. Safe socializing:

We’re ensuring safe socializing by:

  • Following the latest social distancing government guidelines and sticking to a 2m rule where possible.
  • Marking out the facility to aide understanding.
  • Give you the opportunity to pre-book where possible so you know you will have a safe space to enjoy time at the facility.
  • Lay out facility seating and tables to ensure safe spacing.
  • Managing and monitoring queues to make them as smooth and easy as possible.
  • Signposting our toilets, scrupulously cleaning them and following social distancing measures.

We need you to support us by:

Follow these social distancing measures so that everyone can enjoy their time with us.

2. Safety Monitoring

We’ve provided extensive staff training and overhauled our procedures to ensure that:

  • We regularly check everyone is safe and abiding by the procedures.
  • We wear identification so you can easily find us.

We need you to support us by:

Letting a club staff member know if you have any concerns or questions during your visit.

 3. Looking after our team...so they can look after you.

We’re taking good care of our team by:

  • Training them in accordance with the latest government guidelines for safe working.
  • Giving them everything they need to work safely, including training on social distancing and hand hygiene.
  • Carrying out full risk assessments on our site to protect our team and site users.

We need you to support us by:

Respecting our teams and any requests they have to keep everyone safe.

4. Hand Sanitizing

We’re promoting good hand hygiene by:

  • Having hand sanitizers at entrances, exits and throughout the site.
  • Regularly checking and sanitizing handwashing facilities in toilets.

We need you to support us by:

Maintaining your own personal hand hygiene to protect everyone.

5. Reduced Contact

We’re minimizing risk from contact by:

  • Operating a cashless site
  • Asking customers to use our new e-wallet system and contactless payment methods for all transactions.
  • Using screens around contact points to protect both you and our team.

We need you to support us by:

Using the technology we have available to minimize contact with our teams wherever possible.

6. Listen and Communicating

We are making sure that we make sure the changes are as easy to follow as possible by:

  • Communicating through a range of mediums.
  • Piloting and testing processes.
  • Ensuring the site has clear signage to aide users.
  • Introducing an integrated feedback system.

We need you to support us by:

Maintaining constructive communication with us.

 By attending the site you are declaring that no member of your household is currently displaying symptoms nor have been displaying symptoms for a period of 14 days prior to arrival at the ground.



The club has done everything it can to ensure safety, social distancing and hygiene procedures at all times with carefully thought out and rehearsed practices. Oxford City FC will not be held responsible if a site uder contracts COVID-19 virus.